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Give yourself permission to relax

Satisfied Clients

"I was in a car accident and a drunk driver hit me speeding at 100mph impact over a year ago. My muscles were locked and nothing would budge or release until I started working with Paul. He provided a safe space for me to open and do my work. Week after week we would go in and start moving some of the blockage and now I can honestly say that Paul helped my body relax and let go. He created a gateway for the emotional buildup and stress to exit as I learned to process these deep wounds that I found later have been trapped and buried for years and triggered by this auto accident.

Paul has been very patient, understanding and most of all compassionate and I would recommend his expertise for any stress or injury. I have been practicing and studying healing arts for over 13 years and have had professionals from massage therapists, shiatsu specialists, energy medicine practitioners, hands on healing, network chiropractic, shamans from all over the world work with me and on me and I rate Paul 5 out of 5 stars. He is gifted and has developed his talents and his work goes to show. Thanks Paul for helping me piece myself back together and holding the space so I could open up and fully delve into my work."  - Edward S. Wellfleet, MA

"Paul Andrews is a wonderful massage therapist. I recently visited him for a deep tissue massage. I was very sore and tight in my legs and hips after beginning a new running program. Not only did I feel much better after the massage, I felt so great that I ran sprints that very same night!" - Andrea G. West Barnstable, MA